If you are self-employed, it’s essential that you get expert advice because your application will require extra care and attention to ensure that it is approved.

In fact, if you are self-employed you have access to the same mortgage deals as everyone else. The key is proving your income to reassure the lender that you will consistently be able to meet your mortgage payments.

Typically, lenders will require two years’ worth of accounts (although you still may secure a mortgage offer without this), tax returns and proof of any other income and outgoings. If you are a contractor, you may also need evidence of future earnings.

At Mortgage Advice Brokerage we understand what lenders are looking for, whether you’re a Director of your own company, in a Partnership or a sole trader.  We will talk you through the options available to you and look at mortgage lenders suitable for your individual circumstances. We will look at both fixed and variable rate mortgages including tracker mortgages to find you the best rate. We can also advise you of what to watch out for, such as minimising your earnings for tax purposes, which could work against you when applying for a mortgage.

How it works

Initial chat

We need to have a clear understanding as to how your business is structured and what level of income can be evidenced that would be acceptable to lenders.  We can then advise which lenders would be most receptive to assisting you with a mortgage.  We are used to liaising with accountants to obtain the necessary information that a lender will need.

Generally the majority of lenders would require at least a 2 year track record of being self-employed.  There are many situations though where we have obtained mortgage finance for people with less than a 2 year track record.


Explain the house buying process and help you understand the different interest rate options available.


Explain the difference types of insurance that may be suitable for you and the property.

Complete a DIP

Organise a decision in principle so that you are ‘purchase ready’ to begin making offers on properties.

Review Home Reports

We can review Home Reports for any properties you’re seriously interested in to highlight any issues lenders might have.


Once an offer has been accepted, finalise the research and recommend and organise the mortgage and insurance.


Liaise with the solicitor to make sure things are moving along as they should.

Wish you well! 

Wish you good luck in your new home and diarise to get back in touch with you a few months before your mortgage deal expires.

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