When We Charge

Our usual position is that we don’t charge a fee.

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Our usual position is that we don’t charge a fee. This applies to over 95% of the mortgages we arrange. However, there are occasions when additional work will be needed over, and above a standard mortgage application and for that, we have to charge to cover the extra time spent securing a mortgage. Although we will charge a fee, this is competitive, and you will reap the rewards given that we can source mortgages that are unavailable to the public, find you a mortgage with the very best interest rates and terms, and can help to secure lending by using our in-depth knowledge of each lender’s criteria.

Examples of when we have charged clients are:

    Self-build mortgages

    Buy-to-let mortgages

    Guarantor mortgages

    Expat mortgages

    Impaired credit mortgages

    Commercial finance

    Bridging loans

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