When We Charge Fees

Residential Mortgages

Our normal position is that we don’t charge a fee when organising a mortgage for someone’s home. However, there will be instances when additional work is required over and above a normal mortgage application. When this happens, we have to charge a fee to cover the extra time involved in securing you a mortgage. Examples of when we charge are:

Possible Lending Scenario (where a Client Fee is payable) Client Fee
Guarantor Mortgages £395
Joint Borrower, Sole Proprietor £295
Undeclared Credit not disclosed or Adverse Credit where further non-standard research needed £195
LIFT Scheme or Help-to-Buy (Equity Share) £295
Complex Income(s) that require us to piece together a proposition for a Lender/Underwriter to assess manually £250
Self-Build Mortgages £795
Ex-Pat Mortgages for Family use in the UK 1% minimum £595
Debt Consolidation – to cover analysis of true cost including alternative options like 2nd charges and personal loans. This is a regulatory requirement. £95
Retirement Interest Only mortgages £395

The above scenarios are not an extensive list but a representative example of when we have charged in the past. Depending on your precise circumstances we will let you know if an when a Fee will be applicable.

Buy-to-Let Mortgages

With the changes in regulation in September 2016 the treatment and complexity of Buy-to-Let mortgages has increased significantly and we charge according to the structure and time involved.

Possible Lending Scenario (where a Client Fee is payable) Client Fee
Standard Buy-to-Let Mortgage £295
Portfolio Landlord – more than 4 mortgaged BTL Properties £495
Limited Company Buy-to-Let(s) £495
Ex-Pat Buy-to-Let 1% minimum £595

If more than one mortgage is being arranged at the same time then discounts can be applied – again we will agree your Fee before we start any work on your behalf.