Client Portal

A secure and easy way for you to share documents, communicate with us and keep up-to-date with progress.

Client Portal

Securely Send Documents
Our Portal allows you to securely upload, send and receive documents. Simply scan or take a photo of a document that we have requested using your smartphone and upload it to the Portal. Similarly, we will send documents to you through the Portal. All documents are securely sent or received through the Portal making it safer than emailing, faxing or sending documents in the post.

Communicate with Secure Messaging
There is no need to worry about sending sensitive information such as your personal details to us. Messages sent through our Portal are encrypted and therefore secure – plus all your information is kept conveniently and safely in one place. We are both able to message each other using the Portal similar to using email, and you will be notified via email whenever you receive a new message.

Keep Up-to-Date with Progress
Whether we are helping you with a mortgage, insurance or any other product, you can follow the progress in the Portal. You can see a full summary of the relevant product information, key dates and current status. So all our communications, updates and documents remain in one place and are available to both of us 24/7 – a real time saver.

Update your Records
You can now update your client record (Factfind) at any time to make sure we hold your most up-to-date information. We may ask you to do so before we conduct any product research, to ensure we find you the best up-to-the-minute solution available.

For more information about The Key – Client Portal  Read the full PDF Customer Guide.